Life Changes And Transition

Life transitions are a source of many feelings.  These times can cause anxiety, fear, powerlessness, guilt, shame, and a variety of other emotions. 

Psychological counselling can help you to understand the changes that are happening and to process through your thoughts and feelings. 

There are many types of transitions you may be facing:

•    Abuse(s)
•    Balancing Relationships
•    Balancing Time
•    Child Transitions
•    Communication
•    Divorce
•    Elderly Parents
•    Family Conflict
•    Family System/Roles Illness of a Loved One
•    Illness of a family Member
•    Job Loss
•    Job Promotion

•    Goal Changes
•    Grief and Loss
•    Guidelines and Expectations
•    Loss of a Loved One
•    Loss of a Family Member
•    Moving
•    Parental Separation and Divorce
•    Retirement
•    Sibling Rivalry
•    Separation
•    Trauma

Psychological support is very beneficial during times of transition.