Forgiveness and Reconciliation


Understanding and balancing multiple relationships is difficult.  It is hard to balance our own role in relationships and it is also hard to watch as others try to balance their relationships.

Whether you are interested in understanding a current relationship or a past one, forgiveness, reconciliation and understanding attachment systems can be very healing.

Topics may include:

•    Estranged Family Member(s)
•    Family Roles
•    Family History
•    Grief and Loss
•    Grudges
•    Guidelines and Expectations
•    Hurt feelings
•    Sibling Rivalry
•    Understanding


•    Abuse(s)
•    Addictions
•    Anger
•    Attachment (insecure, disorganized, avoidant, anxious, and secure)
•    Apologizes
•    Boundaries
•    Communication
•    Crisis
•    Decision Making
•    Earned Security