Sojourn Wellness Group

Our Mission

Our mission is to support men, women, teens,  and children as they journey toward achieving personal wellness.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Sojourn Wellness Group is to offer a safe place for you to explore solutions and self-knowledge with the support of a psychological counselling therapist. When you need therapy in Sherwood Park or Edmonton Area, our psychologists can give you the support and guidance you need.

Our Vision

Sojourn Wellness Group provides a client-focused setting. We uphold the belief that the therapeutic process should happen in a professional environment of acceptance and deep respect for the individuality of all people. We aim to support and encourage our clients to find new and meaningful ways to move beyond past hurts and conflicts.

People are social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical and occupational beings. We strive to help clients gain balance in all these dimensions of wellness.  Our therapists are trained in a variety of ways to address each specific person.

We adhere to the Canadian Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for psychologists in Alberta.

Our Confidentiality

As a team, we commit ourselves to the confidentiality of our clients and their information. We promise to guard both the identities of our clients and the information they entrust to us. Please note that specific circumstances may limit this confidentiality, and we will fully explain these limits at the onset of counselling as a part of your informed consent for services.