Eating Disorders


Signs and symptoms of eating disorders vary, depending on the type of eating disorder. Be alert for any change in eating patterns and beliefs that might signal unhealthy behavior, that may trigger eating disorders in your teen.   Symptoms of eating disorder include:

  • Excessive focus on food and healthy eating
  • Excessive exercise
  • Eating much more food in a meal or snack than is considered normal
  • Expressing depression, disgust, shame or guilt about eating habits
  • Frequent checking in the mirror for perceived flaws
  • Persistent worry or complaining about being fat and talk of losing weight
  • Regularly going to the bathroom after eating
  • Repeatedly eating large amounts of sweets or high-fat foods
  • Skipping meals, making excuses for not eating or eating in secret
  • Use of dietary supplements, laxatives or herbal products for weight loss

Often times eating disorders are a signal of teens struggling with deep rooted emotions or a sense of loss of control.  Eating disorders require the help of professions, one of our psychologists can come alongside of you and your teen at this time.