Relationship Improvement

The Benefits of Couples Therapy:

•    Accept yourself and your partner for who you are
•    Differentiate how your partner perceives you from how you perceive yourself
•    Discover how gender differences in perspective can help you understand each other
•    Eliminate faulty assumptions that create distance in your relationship
•    Know the negative patterns of interactions in your relationship and how to stop them
•    Learn why your intentions matter less than the impact of your actions
•    Learn to communicate with composure
•    Learn to listen with compassion
•     Learn what can change and what can’t in each other and the relationship
•    Make permanent change that strengthens trust and partnership, enhances affection and intimacy
•    Master a problem solving method that will turn the negative pattern into a positive pattern that will enhance your connection now and for years to come
•    Pinpoint your vulnerabilities
•    Take responsibility for your reactive behaviour