We all feel angry sometimes. Most of the time, we can deal with feelings of anger or irritability quickly. We may resolve the situation or look at the problem from a different perspective; other times, anger can cause problems in our lives and the lives of those around us. 

Anger is an emotion that tells us when something may be wrong.  And like other emotions anger ranges in intensity.

There are many reasons we may experience anger:

•    Feeling hurt or threatened
•    Feeling out of control
•    Stress
•    Unfair circumstances
•    Unmet goals
•    Unresolved deep rooted emotions
•    Unresolved trauma

Anger may be a problem for you when it’s:

•    Affecting your physical health
•    Caused by something that happened a long time ago
•    Hurting your relationships with loved ones
•    Interfering with your ability to do your job
•    Making you act violently towards yourself, someone else, or someone’s property
•    Much stronger than you’d expect based on the situation
•    Very frequent, to the point that you can’t enjoy things anymore

It is good to consult with a professional about your anger.  One of our psychologists can be a great support for you to understand how to manage your anger.