Traumas are overwhelming experiences for families, whether the whole family has gone through the experience or only one family member.  Some examples of trauma that families may face:
•    accidents
•    abuse
•    assault
•    bullying
•    conflict
•    divorce
•    global disaster
•    grief/loss
•    life transition
•    local disaster
•    neglect
•    threats
During these times families need extra support to manage the complicated emotions and easily misunderstood feelings that can arise.

Examples of common reactions to trauma are:
•feeling as if you are in a state of ‘high alert’ and are ‘on watch’ for anything else that might happen
•feeling emotionally numb, as if in a state of ‘shock’
•becoming emotional and upset
•feeling extremely fatigued and tired
•feeling very stressed and/or anxious
•being very protective of others including family and friends
•not wanting to leave a particular place for fear of ‘what might happen’.