Parenting and Co-Parenting, and Blended Family

There are many versions of “family” today, and without doubt you have some version of “modern family” yourself.  It is important that parenting issues are considered case by case for this very reason. 

Many parents may choose to touch base with a psychologist to explain the complicated dynamics of your family system and to evaluate what parenting strategies and supports your specific family needs.

Our psychologists approve of parents.  We want parents to feel encouraged to ask for help and to feel safe to let their guard down.  It is difficult parenting, especially as family roles continue to grow and change.  We believe parents are people like everybody else and parents deserve grace, empathy and encouragement like everybody else.  As well, we understand that parents want their children to trust that they are cared for and understood.

We do not do high conflict mediation or custody and access.  If you are unsure what this means feel free to call our office and ask.