Children and Anger

Anger is a normal reaction to frustration, stress or disappointment. And it is experienced at all ages:

  • Toddlers who often express anger through tantrums and other aggressive actions
  • School age children who may act out in a variety of ways
  • During puberty as hormones are racing and emotions run high
  • Children facing difficult circumstances (divorce, grief, transition, peer conflict, etc.)

When children lack skills for managing anger it can lead to aggressive behaviour. Usually, it is the aggressive action that follows anger that most concerns caregivers. Learning to manage anger involves: 

  • developing social skills
  • emotion management
  • relaxation and calming strategies
  • expressing angry feelings assertively
  • communication skills and verbal cues for others

 One of our child psychologist can help you and your child make sense of their anger and help to find positive coping strategies.  Call today to book an appointment: 780-449-1196